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Agathist Foundation Agathist Foundation

We Care :
Skilled, educated, and able men and women are the true strength of the country. We aspire to see youth that is constructively employed, a society that provides equal opportunities to people with special abilities. The streets, temples, railway stations, bus stands should not be the place for beggars. Through its CSR initiative Agathist Technologies is trying hard to give a new life to the beggars and their dependents. Agathist foundation wants to make the world where there will be no beggar on the streets. Agathist Foundation has followed various methodologies to provide a new ray of hope among beggars. Among various methodologies the most significant are:

#  To provide job to some of the beggar’s within the organization by providing them required vocational training.

#  To train them the art of music, cooking, housekeeping etc so that they can live a better life.

#  To build a rest point for tourist cars and buses along the highways meant for famous places of visit. The rest houses equipped with well cleaned toilets, drinking water will be used as the rest places for the tourists, while the beggars will earn livelihood by entertaining, selling items to the tourists.

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